QuantumLight Breath (QLB)

Series of meditative breathing processes by Jeru Kabbal

The QuantumLightBreath is an active, meditative breathing process. QLB is available in different versions in German and English.

Here we present the versions by Jeru Kabbal and Nishkam. For beginners we recommend the QLB by Jeru.

Those who perform QLB more frequently should switch between the different versions, which differ in music, energies and moods. A qualitative, sequential ranking is not meant here.

The English QLBs of Jeru are not translations of the three german versions, but also completely independent versions.

The audio quality does not necessarily correspond to the most modern technical possibilities of playback devices of the 21st century, since these are original recordings with Jeru Kabel, who died in 2000.

Try the breathing meditation – you will be surprised by the depth!

Want to learn more about the QuantumLight Breath practice and share directly? Then book a Zoom Meeting with Nishkam.
Nishkam is a very experienced meditation guide and QLB teacher.

The ClarityLetgo is based on the principle of QLB but is done completely different (No-Mind Medi without music)

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