Jeru Kabbal

Jeru Kabbal (1930-2000)

Jeru Kabbal was a psychologist, spiritual teacher and mystic who developed an effective system for self-help and guided spiritual seekers into deep clarity.

He had the unique gift of communicating complex topics simply and easily understood. He translated the often mystically coded wisdom of the East into processes that the minds of Western-conditioned people can easily absorb and apply.

With a background in traditional psychology and a keen interest in new age therapies, he drew his teaching largely from his own personal experience.

Jeru is the founder of the Institute for Accelerated Personal Transformation (APT) and the originator of DeHypnotherapy, the Clarity Process® and the Quantum Light Breath breath meditation.

His book Quantum Leap for Clarity has been published by Kamphausen Verlag and Random House (North Atlantic Books). His original texts are published in numerous books and audio CDs of the ClarityPublications.