The gentle journey to yourself
a quantum leap towards clarity

You follow your
unique path
on which we
lovingly and effectively
accompany you.

The ClarityProcess is a well-founded system of coordinated steps, based on Eastern and Western wisdom, which accelerates your personal development.
The ClarityProcess leads to health, joie de vivre and inner peace…and
into the here & now!


Your patterns lie like an iceberg beneath the surface of your awareness.


Do you want to change, step out of routines and patterns, release brakes and live your potential?


The first step is
a self-contained,
long weekend.

The journey goes through 5 stages

Your path will lead you via 5 steps thtough a series of Clarity Workshops of varying duration. In them you will experience and recognise 5 levels of consciousness that will strengthen and expand you.

Supporting Clarity Tools

The tools are practical tools and exercises that you learn in the seminars, take home with you and that make you independent from outer help.

Clarity Keys

… are deep insights that can open up new perspectives and change your life – you will work them out for yourself. They become part of your own experience.

Clarity Workshops
And Online Events

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Your clarity guides

Clarity Guide Nishkam Koch

Clarity Guide
Nishkam Koch

Do you know the longing to come home? Let me guide you to your innermost centre!

Clarity Guide Dr. Sonja Böhme

Clarity Guide
Dr. Sonja Böhme

Are you ready to let go of the old and welcome the new?
I’ll show you how it’s done!

Clarity Guide
Florian Neuscheller

I do my best yoga when I combine it with Clarity®.

Clarity Guide
Martina Fröhlich

I invite you to follow me on the path to freedom!

Clarity Guide
Pauline Müller

Decide now to stop suffering!

Clarity Guide
Carolin Schaffner

Home is where the heart is. Change can be mastered with Clarity®



For whom is the ClarityProcess intended?

The ClarityProcess is suitable for beginners on the path of inner growth as well as for people who have already attended many other seminars. The process picks up everyone where he/she is and puts previous experiences into a satisfying, logical overall picture.

The course is meaningful for people who want to overcome their traumas and fears, seekers of meaning, spiritual seekers, people who want to improve their mental and physical health, people who want to live their potential, people who are curious about what life has to offer beyond work and family. People who are looking for meditation and relaxation and contact with like-minded people. People who want to start something new or get off the “hamster wheel”. People who find that self-exploration (i.e. investigating why you are the way you are) is more exciting and entertaining than the TV evening show.

The ClarityProcess is suitable for all age groups after the completion of puberty who are physically and mentally fit enough to take part in a group process over a longer period of time. There are no physically heavy exercises. People who are currently undergoing psychiatric or psychological treatment should ask us and their therapist whether it makes sense to participate. People who take strong psychiatric drugs and/or have a tendency to psychosis are not advised to participate. Pregnant women can certainly participate.

How large are the groups?

14 – 24 participants

How often per year are workshops scheduled?

please check under dates

What are my costs?

The course price consists of the tuition fee and accommodation with meals. The tuition fee is settled with the respective ClarityGuide, the costs for the seminar house directly with the house management.
The costs of the tuition fee are fixed (see event dates), those of the accommodation vary from house to house, room to room and usually correspond to standard hotel prices with full board.

Do I have to book my room on my own?

Mostly, the organization is run by the respectiveGuides or their organisers. As a rule, they organise the accommodation after receiving the participants’ requests (single room, shared room, etc.) and inform the seminar house about the distribution. The invoice is given directly from the seminar house during the workshopo. In other cases, they point out in advance the need for self-booking.

Will I get a certificate?

Before departure after a course, each person receives a certificate of attendance. Special certificates for employers or tax authorities can be requested. A certificate is available for certain degrees.

Can car pools be formed?

Yes, on arrival we can help to network among the participants if you wish. On departure, simply ask the group towards the end of the course.

How about the food?

We come together in seminar houses that are set up for working with growth groups. There is vegetarian cuisine, mostly organic quality. People who live vegan or have special dietary requirements can indicate this in advance and receive appropriate meals.

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