QLB-The original Version

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Mp3-Download in english! Personally guided in english by Jeru Kabbal

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QLB – The Original Version

Personally guided in english by Jeru Kabbal

Tempo: softer



QLB accelerates your personal growth process by releasing old programmed behaviours, patterns and blockages, which are still stored in your subconscious, and finally dissolving them through your breath. You can practice QLB on your own or in a group.

The QLB is easy to practice, effective and leads surprisingly fast to enhanced clarity and wellbeing.

Jeru Kabbal leads you through the Quantum Light Breath process, with inspiring music and transforming affirmations.
Breath is the fastest, cleanest, most natural way to relieve tension and expand consciousness. With the Quantum Light Breath you can
• Quickly free yourself of old mind patterns
• Open yourself for a direct ecstatic experience
• Release your natural energies and talents
• Eliminate stress, tension and worry.
This CD is made from original Quantum Light Breath tape. It has a clear introduction with instructions by Jeru himself on how to do the meditation. That makes it especially good for people that are new to this meditation.
“Cut through the projections of the mind to the inner reality of your true being. You will discover not only the brilliance of your own soul but a whole new, expanded world. It’s worth the effort.” ~ Jeru Kabbal


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