5 steps & levels of the Clarity®

Within the five organisational stages, each stage usually addresses all 5 different energetic levels of inner development. Therefore, the gradation is not the same as “beginner” and “advanced” category.”

The ClarityProcess® is rather structured like a hologram. This means that in each workshop all levels are included. For example, in workshop level 4 we work a lot with levels 2, 3 and 4. There are even individual exercises in which all levels resonate.

In this respect, it also makes a lot of sense for participants who have already done a few workshops to repeat seminar sections now and then. Depending on how far an individual participant’s inner “maturation”/understanding process has progressed, he or she will draw something beneficial from each workshop according to his or her inner “degree of growth”.

The process therefore automatically picks up each participant where they are at the moment. In this respect, participants who have already done a lot of inner work with other teachers and with other methods also start with us at level 1. However, you do not need to feel like a “beginner” because the methods will “take hold” on other levels than with participants who are actually just beginning with inner work

Revealing and Discovering

(Level 1)

Our goal is uncovering the secrets of our hidden consciousness. It is precisely the hidden consciousness (also called the subconscious) that denies us this clarity. It misinterprets memory and thus shackles us to childhood decision-making. It is like a computer that follows outdated programmes. To change these programmes, we must first uncover them.

By uncovering the hidden consciousness, we gain deep insight into our personality. Already at this stage, the quality of our everyday life improves noticeably: relationships, career, self-confidence, success, etc. We are clearer, more relaxed, more serene.

Once we have shed light on these dark corners and unconscious programmes, healing sets in as a natural consequence. By understanding the hidden consciousness, we get it to stop sabotaging itself and to unfold naturally.


(Level 2)

Now that we have sighted the hidden programmes of our hidden consciousness, we want to consciously change them, intelligently transform them and evolve. We begin to break the cage of the past and experience the present with unbiased eyes. Through our newfound clarity, we wake up.

We revise the script of our lives written for our childhood and now outdated.The more we transform obstructive images of our childhood, the more clearly the real adult emerges.


(Level 3)

At this stage we have new, expanding experiences without being shackled to the beliefs of our past.

We discover the natural power and freedom of real adulthood. We break through old limitations, drop old fears and enter into more successful relationships. The more we release our inner, hidden powers, the more abundance, success, better health and happiness we manifest.

We live more and more in the freedom of the ‘here and now’.


(Level 4)

Free from the limitation of the mind, at this stage we experience inner oneness with all life. The illusion of separateness dissolves.

We experience the splendour, the harmony, the power and the intelligence of the universe in which we live.
We feel deeply secure. Quite naturally we relax, open up and trust.

We realise that life is a mystery to be danced, not a problem to be solved.


(Level 5)

You live increasingly in your true being and are no longer subject to the metaphysical dream of the mind.

We apply our inner clarity to higher levels of life and our encounters with others are based on universal love and openness

The divine spirit flows through us more and more. When we reach the final clarity, we are at the end of our journey; our life purpose is fulfilled.

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