Clarity: Workshops for Peace

The Peace Studies programme at the University of Innsbruck understands peace as a plural word. Accordingly, there are many kinds of peace. For example, there is world peace and inner peace. As individuals, we cannot really change anything about world peace or the conflict in Ukraine. But we can do a lot for our inner peace and thus become more peaceful contemporaries. All in all, this brings peace to the world.      

The preamble to the UNESCO Constitution of 1945 reads as follows: Peace must be defended in the mind of man, for that is where all violence begins. For peace research, therefore, everything that has to do with human thinking and feeling is relevant. Peace therefore depends decisively on the consciousness that has been formed so far.

Therefore, Prof. Dr.Dr. Wolfgang Dietrich, the former director of the above-mentioned study programme, writes in his foreword to the book “Jeru Kabbal’s ClarityProcess®” (Springer 2018) by Nishkam Koch: Clarity is a powerful and effective tool of applied peace and conflict work. Especially also for the accelerated attainment of an inner stability and peacefulness of all those…who want to create more peace in the world.”  

In this spirit, we invite everyone who wants to make a difference for their personal peace, world peace and more truth and clarity to attend our workshops.

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