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by and with Nishkam, a sitting meditation (with quiet breathing, so no QLB breathing) for turbulent times. Cleanses the mind, helps with decision-making.
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Clarity® LetGo Meditation- with english comments
With the help of this meditative cleansing process, we want to make it possible to let go of superfluous “thought salad” and “emotional pressure”.
Clarity®LetGo is a good method to get out of a circling carousel of thoughts, to find new ideas, to make decisions more easily and to allow more and more mental clarity.

As a cleansing meditation:
Clarity®LetGo is suitable for daily use, for example in the morning after getting up to clear dream components from the night’s sleep, or towards evening to cleanse oneself from the stresses of a working day.
Depending on time and desire, a 20 or 40 minute LetGo phase can be chosen. (For 20 min LetGo-gibberish, go straight from the intro to track 3).

As a decision-making aid:
If you can’t decide between several options, practise the Clarity® LetGo meditation for an hour at a time over a few days. During the two gibberish phases, speak out all thoughts and possibilities, as well as the associated feelings about the topic at hand. Be surprised to see how far helpful ideas or “sun-clear” resolutions emerge from the “thought salad” after some time.




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