Innerflights- Guided Phantasies with Jeru

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Jeru Kabbal´s Guided Phantasies are are treasure to those who love them. Jeru leads you with his hypnotic voice into images, which are able to help you solve subconscious patterns and problems. All guided phantasies have been recorded with simple techniques in the 1980-1990ies. We remastered them as good as possible from the old tapes. So the quality varies. But if you love Jeru´s work, you will enjoy all of them.

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Number Title
1 Golden Flowers- going into the past
2 The Green Room
3 Haleluja
4 Good Night Sleep
5 Awake Tape
6 Sleep Tape Pine Room
7 Three Statues 1
8 Magic Pool
9 Magic Planet
10 Releasing Tensions in the body
11 Journey to another Planet
12 The 4-year old and the mother
13 Cloud princess
14 Connecting the higher Self
15 Buddha Statue
16 Eternal friend I
17 Eternal friend II
18 Celebrate the flowering
19 unfinished story
20 Reviving the old tree
21 Garden of Childhood memories
23 Childs opera
24 Basic Insights
25 Parts of Body relaxation
26 Self Relaxation with keyword
27 The 4yearold on stage
28 Photo Album
29 Golden Dust
30 Spaceship earth
31 The white horse
32 the white bird


34 Three statues 2
35 Eternity
36 The red room
37 5 warriors
38 Reviving the old tree




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