The American mystic Jeru Kabbal spent, as a therapist and spiritual leader, over four decades to develop the ClarityProcess®, an effective and attainable way of self study.
This growth process can lead you to inner clarity and self realization.
Jeru Kabbal has made the age-old wisdom of the East understandable, usable and easy to experience for the Western seeker through his Clarity Process. He was inspired by the teachings of Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi and Christianity.

For twelve years he was a therapist in the Ashram of the Indian mystic Osho. In Osho's centers in India, the United States, and Europe he led, under the name Santosh, growth workshops, at which thousands of seekers participated. He was founder and director of the Institute of DeHypnotherapy and the Institute for Accelerated Personal Transformation.

His decades of experience with people of all ages and social backgrounds allowed him to extract effective methods, to rid them of unneccessary ballast and to create a growth process which, when practiced faithfully, leads to clarity, ease of mind and joy. He led a large number of people through the Clarity Process during the last decades.
Jeru's sould left his body on May 22, 2000. He was 70. Some of his students continue to pass on the Clarity Process.

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