Self-realization means that you can organize your live according to your own ideas , rather than being further caught in the rut of apparent dependencies. By dedcating yourself more and more to self realization, your life will improve at all levels and be the way you want it at the deepest level of your being . It is possible to transform your life surprisingly quickly.

However, in order to do this, one must understand certain rules of life and apply knowledge. Unfortunately, this wisdom is not taught in school, church or at home, even though it has been known for millennia. It was kept secret by the mystics throughout the ages and passed on only to chosen ones. Today, we have access to this ancient wisdom and the time seems ripe to make more and more people familiar with these possibilities.  How  can life be lived without pressing problems and self-sabotage? Ancient wisdom combined with the discoveries of modern psychology can be used for the process of self-realization: We call it the original Clarity Process® , a practical way to self-realization, which was developed by Jeru Kabbal.

jeru seer kleinThe Clarity Project is the successor institution of the APT Institute ( Institute for Accelerated Personal Transformation) that was founded by Jeru Kabbbal. We would like to contribute, by making available the wisdom that Jeru Kabbal has so effectively implemented in directly practically applicable exercises.

The Clarity Project is the official representative of Jeru Kabbals work ( Kabbal Trust / USA) in Germany. Content , Teachers and materials presented on this website are recommended by the Clarity Project. The list of Breath-Group-providers of  QLB - breathing sessions is a service for people who want to share this breathing meditation. They are  tested or specifically authorized by The ClarityProject® and offer their service completely under their own responsibility.

The clarity teachers and trainers and workshops offered on this website are completely independently organized. The Clarity Project is not a comprehensive organization, but merely provides a promotional platform for ClarityTeacher. These are exclusively responsible for the implementation of the displayed workshops and meditation events and billing. A participation in the Clarity Process® arises after payment of the workshop fee directly to the advertised teacher. Clarity is not a religion , church or other similar organization. We also assure you that there is no connection to such groups by the Clarity Project . Everyone is free at any time to leave an event or a workshop , or to book the next level.

A comprehensive audio and written archive of Jeru Kabbals work is archived in Germany (english spoken). Here you can ask for any material out of Jeru´s work: ClarityVerlag



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