Clarity®- from caterpillar to butterfly


We call the first three steps of the ClarityProcess®:

  • Discovery
  • Evolvement
  • Freedom

These are taught separately in short workshops or can be combined to a 9-days workshop.

Having completet level 3 you already have a sound system to work for youself and to give your life a new, rewarding perspective.

The next two steps can be described as

  • Unity
  • Ultimate Clarity

Within the workshops that deal with Level 4 and 5 you will learn how to practise the tools you received in the first sessions, and how to integrate the results in your daily life. The butterfly learns step by step that it indeed was born to fly! These workshops extend over longer time spans,


For further information please contact us; More information is also given in the basic workshops.

ClarityTeacher®- to act as a ClarityTeacher is possible after having completed all steps of the ClarityProcess and attended some more trainee workshops.

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