Five Levels of Clarity


(Level 1)

Our first goal is to uncover the secrets of our hidden consciousness. This hidden consciousness (also known as subconscious) in particular denies us clarity. It interprets our memory incorrectly and ties us to decisions of our childhood. It is similar to a computer which follows outdated programs. To change these programs we first have to uncover them.

By uncovering our hidden consciousness we achieve deep insight into our personality. Already on this step the quality of our daily life enhances palpably: relationships, job, self assurance, success etc. We become more relaxed and at ease, and clearer in our minds.

As soon as we have brought light into such dark corners and subconscious programs, healing begins as a natural result. By understanding the hidden consciousness we allow it to stop sabotaging itself and to develop naturally instead.



(Level 2)

Now that we have explored the hidden programs of our consciousness we will attempt to change them purposely, reprogram them intelligently and develop our selves.

We begin to break through the cage of the past and to experience the present with unbiased eyes. We awaken through our newly found clarity. We review the script which had been written for our childhood and is now outdated.

The more we deprogram the obstructive images of our childhood the more the true adult appears in us.



(Level 3)

In this step we find new experiences without the filter of our past.

We discover the natural strength and freedom of a true adult. We break through old limits, drop old anxieties and enter relationships much more successfully.

The more we free our inner, hidden strengths, the more success, wealth, better health and happiness manifest themselves. We live more and more in the present.



(Level 4)

Freed from the limits of consciousness we experience in this step the inner unity of all life. The illusion of disjunction dissolves. We experience the beauty, harmony, strength and intelligence of the universe in which we live. We feel deeply nourished. We relax quite naturally, open up and trust. We realize that life is a mystery that you can dance and not a problem that you have to solve.


Ultimate Clarity - The sacred journey Home

(Level 5)

We support you in this last stage of your road towards complete clarity. If it is meant to be, you will increasingly live in your true nature and won't be subjected to the metaphysical dream of your mind. We apply our inner clarity to higher levels of life, and our interactions with others are based on universal love and openness. We are more and more filled with the sacred spirit. When we reach the final clarity we have arrived at the end of our road and the purpose of our life is fulfilled.

About the Steps:

Levels should not be regarded as beginner's and advanced categories. The Clarity Process® is similar to a hologram, in which each workshop contains all levels. For example, workshop 4 we deal with level 2 and 3 and 4. There are also exercises which are used in all levels. Insofar, it make sense to all participants, even those who are advanced, to go through the workshops again.

Depending on the inner development and understanding a participant can achieve positive results from each workshop. The process can pick up each participant wherever he is at the moment. Participants who have already gone through inner work with other teachers and through other methods, nevertheless begin at step 1, but don't need to consider themselves beginners, since the methods will apply differently to their level as compared to participants who are actually true beginners.



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