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The Clarity Process- from caterpillar to butterfly

Beeing relaxed in the Here & Now

A practicable, systematic way towards a higher degree of happiness, health, fulfilment and complete clarity.

It supports you definetly to enjoy life more and more instedad of permanently circeling in your problems and thoughts.
And it leads to an answer of the question: Who am I ?


A gentle way to explore yourself

It is beneficial for beginners, but is also an new perspective for people who have completed much inner work on their road through life and wish to finally reach contentment.


Reach your personal potential in a joyful way!

You can develop yourself in the ClarityProcess® in five consecutive steps and perceive life fuller and more consciously. Most of all, you will receive tools to achieve more clarity and joy in your regular daily life. You will increasingly learn to live in the real present instead of the world of your problems (in a practical way reach to that what is taught by modern Satsang teachers, such as Eckhard Tolle, or by Eastern disciplines).

The Clarity Process® is not just a plain breathing workshop as some might think who have learned about QLB meditation, but reaches farther than that. The systematic approach is the deciding factor. Of course you can find many other offers which teach fragmented approaches on how to develop yourself and solve your daily problems. Jeru's Clarity Process, however, combines all necessary components to a very efficient system; unneccessary parts have been omitted. This way, you will reach your goal on a straight line and effectively. Jeru developed this system in over thirty years of work as psychiatrist, group therapist and mystic.

A new world of freshness
and new perspectives is opening up!

Each of the five goals is reached with the help of simple but effective tools, which are used accordingly in each step. You can use these tools on your own, and thus will be able to practice at home and change your daily life. The ClarityProcess® does not ask people to reach an unusual and unnatural state of awareness. We want to support your efforts to remain based in the present moment and reach clarity. If you have to retreat from your life to reach clarity, it can only be artificial and superimposed.

The ClarityProcess® is not an intellectual or philosophical method but a pragmatical experimental process leading step by step towards internal and external clarity.

All workshop processes are based on gentle, non-confrontative methods. The exercises move from theoretical explanation to practice and are done alone or with a partner. Nobody will be urged to action, forced or exposed. Every action is based on the participant's wish and desire for clarity and healing in a supportive, understanding, observant and relaxed atmosphere.




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